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Please do not send me PM's regarding general firearms questions that could be posted on the forums publicly.


The forum is designed so that we ALL share and benefit from our discussions.


Privately asking me a question deprives other readers of valuable information and it deprives you of the collective knowledge and wisdom of all members.

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I deeply apologize if I have mistakingly did something wrong on this forum. This is the only forum that I been repramanded for sending a PM.


My initial question was a recommendation for a gunsmith that was able to rework my M2 trigger. It has too much creep and extremely hard to pull. The only reason I sent a PM to Tucker301 was because most everyone says that he has a considerable amount of knowledge about Benelli's. Again Tucker301, let me apologize and assure you it will not happen again. TKU

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Yours was just the latest in a string of recent PM's asking what should have been public questions.

I didn't single you out. You took it upon yourself to do that.


And you shouldn't apologize to me as much as you should the other members. By favoring me with your question, you've told them that you don't think they have anything to offer.

That's not the case, not by a long shot.


The greatest benefit of asking such a question publicly is that it then becomes part of the history of these forums, making it available for others to find through the search feature without having to ask it again.

It also gets the issue out there for the Benelli employees and management to see. Yes, I can assure you, they do read and participate in these forums.

If they can't see these issues they can't make improvements and modifications to fix them.


Please post your question in a new thread to the Benelli forum and I'm sure you'll receive some good advice.

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I already apologized to the others in this forum in my previous post. However, if I do not owe you an apology, I retract it. I assure you that I do not favor you any more than another person on this forum. I was simply asking your opinion. Have you ever wondered why you've received a" recent string of PM's from others". There within, the answer may lie. Had I not felt the need to have lunch, I would have already posted my question. I've never been one to "sugar coat" things. TKU

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