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Benelli 20ga.

Scott Vix

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I use an M-1 20 ga. for Doves and Snipe. It works pretty good for that. The first month of the duck season, I Shoot a few decoying Ducks with it. I don't shoot farther than about 30 yds. I use a fast(1550+) f.p.s. steel load in 3's or 4's using an I.C. Comp N Choke. It works fine on early birds. I don't use Heavy Shot or other non-tox exotics. I can't justify $ 2.00 a shot for Ducks. I would consider Turkey with the heavy stuff, just havn't tried it yet.

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I have a 20ga. SS that I use exclusively for clays. So far I love the gun.

It cycles AA target loads fine for me. It swings ands handles nicely for me and I compare its feel to my SBE II only a little lighter.

It is the same as the Cordoba, only cosmetic differences. Both of them would be fine for hunting however they are ported. Of course the M2 and Legacy are not. I do like the raised rib and extended choke tubes. The Cordoba and SS also have a neat little window on the bottom of the forend allowing you to see what is in the magazine. Kind of a nice feature.

I believe the 20ga. M2 only comes in a 26" barrel. The Cordoba and SS are 28" if thats an issue for you. They are also a breeze to clean.

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