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  1. In the description, it did say Grex buffering. I like the Federal LE132 and LE127 loads with the flight control wad. 9" patterns at 25 yards W/ I.C.
  2. For Ducks/geese within 40 yards, the fast Kent, Expert, Remington or Federal Speed Shok works just fine. I keep a second gun in the blind loaded with Black Cloud BB's or BBB for the 40-55 yard Geese. The Black Cloud shells works great for that. We don't shoot a lot of Geese, but I get about 25 per season. About half are taken at the 40-55 yard mark. I usually shoot a couple of boxes per season. They're fine for that. I do NOT use Black Cloud for decoying Ducks. They are not necessary.
  3. I have a Super Nova and shoot L/H. I put the cast shim in for a L/H shooter. No problems other than the gun feels too bulky for my taste. I did shoot about 25 geese with it this last season. No problems with it.
  4. Upgrading to a sure cycle system will not make the gun shoot light loads. SBE II is a hunting gun designed for heavy loads. No need for a sure cycle in the newer Benelli's, they have a rust resistant tube and spring. My M1 Super 90 cycled 1 oz. loads until I put a sure cycle in it. I put the sure cycle in to stop the rusting of the recoil spring and tube. My gun is used for duck hunting and it gets soaked often. I have to use 3 1/4 dram 1 1/8 oz. loads in it to function properly. That is what I use for targets and Dove hunting. Works perfectly with those loads. Your gun will probably
  5. I learned about the click years ago. You have to be aware not to baby the bolt when closing it. Let it go home under full power. When I was hunting, I found if I bumped the gun down hard on the butt, the bolt would bump out of battery. Also, DON'T play with the bolt when you're not shooting. You can unknowingly move it out of battery and you will get the click. Like Tucker301 said, look at the bolt when it is in battery and what it looks like out of battery. You will see the difference when the bolt is properly locked. You just need to get used to the new gun and how it works. Shoot it
  6. Just take the barrel off and paint it black to match the gun. Your using it to hunt with. I painted a well used 870 when the rusting became a problem. It worked fine. Just touch it up when you need to.
  7. They will also decoy and respond to speck calls.
  8. No one can tell what shells are going to pattern best with your shotgun. YOU have to go out with various shells and choke tubes and see what patterns best in your gun. That is just the way it is. The only thing I can suggest its getting an aftermarket choke IF the chokes you have don't pattern well. Everyone has their pet choke they will suggest. There are a bunch on the market. I have my favorites. Go shoot and pattern it with the shells you intend to hunt with, then come back and ask. Looking forward to hearing from you. good luck.
  9. Just FYI, my 13 year old M-1 Super 90 cycled 1 oz. loads after it was broken in. A few years ago, I put a sure cycle system in it. It will now not cycle anything less than a 1 1/8 oz. 3 1/4 dram load. Even after I have put 1000 + heavy duck loads through it. The sure Cycle system definately has a stiffer spring. I Use the gun for hunting. When I shoot Doves, I use fast 1-1/8 loads I am pleased with it. When I use it as a Duck gun, It functions perfectly. That is its job.
  10. My astigmatism without my glasses makes the EOTEC center reticle look like a football. It is like that for me with all of the dot sights.
  11. I've been shooting a M-1 Super 90 for 13 years. It is my first "go to" gun for every thing. It is a smooth running machine.
  12. First thing I would try is replacing the GGG bolt release with the origional release. The new release may be rubbing on the shell follower, causing the ftf's. You may have to try one thing at a time, replacing the origional factory parts with the aftermarket ones, but that's what I would do first. Good luck.
  13. YES ! that was why they went to gas. Optics or other accessories changed the dynamics if the inertia and caused the inertia Guns to fail. You are also right about the less lethal rounds having to be cycled manually.
  14. Return the gun and get another SBEII or a M-2 field. Do not,I repeat, do not buy an 11-87. I have an m-1 Super 90 I've had for 13 years. It is a smooth running machine. Have the Cabela's staff put the gun together with you there.
  15. Just FYI, I have used Patternmasters since they first came out. If you shoot your Ducks and Geese at 40+ yards,I would go with the Patternmaster. I shoot Ducks inside 45 yards. For the past few years, Iv'e been using an I.C. Comp-NChoke. I make clean kills with steel shot. Very even patterns. I use the Patternmaster for very windy days or when the birds don't come inside 35 yds. I quit using the Patternmaster inside 35 yards due to the tight pattern tearing up the birds. 90% of the time. I use the Comp-N Choke . My hunting buddies all use the Comp-N choke. We shoot several hundred birds a year
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