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reflections on the M4


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First, after several hundred rounds through the beast, I now say without reservation that the M4 is the best shotgun I've fired or owned.


Nothing comes close.


A faithful HBAR and Mossberg 590 had to go to get the M4 and I have not a single regret (nor any misfires/misfeeds). The Benelli costs a load of dough -- it should considering the weapons capabilities. I recently stopped all firing at a local range by shooting 21 saboted slugs through the same hole (albeit ragged when I was done) at 50 meters. The weapon works just as well at -25F as it does in the rain and mud and it's finish is perfect for the highly varible and sloppy Alaskan environmental conditions.


As for near-term upgrades, today I was placed on a waiting list for an EOTech 553 HWS. Should anybody be in the know, I have accessory questions concerning/want to buy:


- Benelli telescoping M1014 buttstock (priority)

- four rail Picatinny rail fore end

- high recoil damping vertical grip (looking for the best)

- bayonet mount


If you are sitting on the fence, I say buy an M4 now as new ones are becoming few and far between. I have recommended the M4 to friends and clients a like (with a couple finding and buying the last M4s in Alaska) -- especially those folks who want only one multirole popular caliber firearm (one that is as adept at survival/home defense and hunting) that can deliver a high volume of legal firepower (and can be fired accurately by large bald guys like me and petite women and girls).


Do please let me know if anyone has a line on any of the gear I'm looking for. Thanks in advance.



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