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Installation of jumbo head safety on Nova Tactical


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I just received a jumbo head safety "kit" (NO instructions or diagram) for my Nova from Brownells. Has anyone installed one yet? If so, how difficult a task was it? Bearing in mind that: a)I'm not a gunsmith or an armorer, and b) I do have a little better than average knowledge or firearms disassembly.


Thanx in advance!



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I haven't installed a kit, but I have reversed a Nova safety.

On a difficulty scale of 1-10, I'd give it a 7.


The design is kind of like an inverted Remington.


Remington places the spring and detent on top of the crossbolt. Benelli puts it on the bottom. This makes it pretty tricky business depressing the spring so the detent will release enough to allow the crossbolt to slide out.


I used a very thin, small flatblade screw driver to get in there.

I'm sure Benelli gunsmiths must have a better way.


If only there were one on this forum :rolleyes:

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If it's anything like the triangle shaped safty buttons on the new SBEII's . You can keep it.


I like the larger button surface, BUT, When wearing cold weather gloves, sometimes the gloove matrial get caught behind the flange of the button when I push the safty off.

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The jumbo safety kit from Brownells (fits several models) WILL fit. If you ordered (and they sent) the proper kit. Brownells refers to it as Benilli's jumbo safety kit cause it fits so many models. I'm not knocking Benelli or there products but I've heard mis-information from there cs dept. before. If you decide to re-order it installing it isn't a novice job. Its possible but tricky. Brownells has an exploded diagram on there site that shows a completely dis-assembled Benelli. Its not a step by step pic. but all the parts (including safety, safety spring etc.) are all numbered and labeled so you should be able to use the diagram as a helpful reference if you go that route. Worse case scenario head to your local shop and they might do it free of charge. If you were one of my customers we'd do it for you. Anyways good luck to you.

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