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Liberty or death Jr.

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Breasting is OK and perfectly legal, with perhaps one exception.


If you're transporting the birds, they must be identifiable until you have them home.

Most do this by leaving a wing on birds cleaned in the field.

Once they're home, they're yours.


There will always be those who argue that breasting is for the lazy and it's wasteful, but it's a philosphical issue, not a legal one.

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This is directly from Montana's web site.

There are some requirements concerning larger ducks and geese that are different from other states.

You do have to save more on larger ducks.




Procedures to Follow Upon Harvesting Waterfowl –



Leave Wing or Head Attached –

One fully feathered wing or head must

remain attached to each bird (except doves) at all times while being

transported from the place where taken to the personal abode of the

possessor or a processing facility.



Wanton Waste

No person shall kill or cripple any migratory game


bird pursuant to this part without making a reasonable effort to retrieve

the bird, and retain it in his actual custody, at the place where taken or

between that place and either: (a) his automobile or principal means of


land transportation; or (b) his personal abode or temporary or transient


place of lodging; or © migratory game bird preservation facility; or (d) a

post offi ce; or (e) a common carrier facility.


Game Parts Suitable For Food


All birds that fall into the size category of a teal duck or smaller, only

the breasts must be retained.

• All birds larger than a teal duck up to the size category of a mallard

duck, the breasts and the thighs must be retained.

• All birds larger than mallard ducks, the breasts, thighs and wings must

be retained.


Field Possession Limit

No person shall possess more than one



daily bag limit while in the fi eld, or while returning from the fi eld to one’s

vehicle, hunting camp, home, etc.

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On geese, you have to keep breasts, thighs, and wings.

I'd still skin them rather than plucking.

If you pluck a goose, you'll have about two bushels of feathers per goose. Huge mess.


Here's the way to do it.

Using your fingers, part the down on the lower end of the breast, just above the exhaust port, until you feel skin.

Avoid using a knife to eparate the skin. The cutting seems to set free about 10,000 little bits of down.


Tear a hole in the skin and work your fingers into the hole.

Tear the skin apart and begin exposing the breast.

Simply keep ripping and tearing until the breast is fully exposed, then tear it off the thighs and wings.

It's pretty much like skinning a rabbitt or other small game.


You can cut the breast out whole (with bone), or you can filet the meat off of each side (preferred) with a sharp knife.


The wings and thighs can be cut at the joints and removed.

Both wing and thigh need only be taken out up to the first joint.


There are other methods and techniques, but this is how I do them.





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