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M4 skeletonized stock


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Hello Again Everyone:


I'm enjoying this forum and thank everyone for being helpful and for sharing information. A very civil forum indeed and a pleasant surprise.


My request for help today is I want a Benelli skeletonized stock for my M4 (as I can see, I'm not the only one looking for one). I would greatly appreciate if anyone can steer me the right direction or hook me up with one.




[email protected]

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I can get you one if my FFL still has them, unfortunately hes charging $365 pus $10 shipping (i think) and yes i know its high and i already have one but hes been selling them like they were going out of reach OH! wait, they are goin out of reach. Anyways, he had 3 a cpl days ago and had already sold over a dozen if i remember correctly and he runs the business out off his home, so if you need one that bad and want to pay that, let me know and ill try to square you away. 2 years from now those things will likely be $5-600..thanks


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