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Accusation of fraud through an online sale


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I sold my M4 online--my listing was true and correct. The buyer is accusing me of fraud--I listed the gun as unfired and it was. This was his email to me;

"I am curious why you made three seperate and distinct representations in your listing that the unit was unfired, and why you thought you would get away with this fraud?" I have offered for him to return the gun for a full refund and I will pay shipping. He is not returning my emails or phone calls. How does this playout. Can someone file a lawsuit over something like this. It isn't that I have done something wrong--I have NOT. I don't want the expense of going to court to prove it. Anyone have something similar happen to them?

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Tell the buyer to take a hike at this point. Forget him!


Sounds like you've extended a perfectly reasonable offer to make things 'right' with this guy, and he hasn't taken you up on it.


Assuming for a minute that this buyer's argument is legitimate, and that you mislead him, there still wouldnt' be anything he could do about it other than to slam you in the feedback section of that website.


And so, if this buyer's argument is bogus in the first place, there certainly isn't anything he can do about it. "Buyer Beware" is the only law governing this particular transaction.


He'll probably slam you in the feedback section one way or another, but other than that, don't waste any energy worrying over this transaction.

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The buyer may be a complete novice and doesn't understand 'factory test firing'. I'd be more concerned that he doesn't have the funds to cover the sale or that he sent you a fraudulent money order etc. I recall gunbroker having a warning recently about fake money orders and cashiers checks. Otherwise, I would agree with the other comments: tell the buyer to pack sand!

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