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RI 30 cal. Barrel differences


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Is any one shooting 308 Win. out of there 300 wsm or 300 wm barrels?


Are there any differences between the barrels that come with either the 308 and 300 magnum R1 rifles?


I think that the twist in the 300 magnums and 308 Win or the same but what about the 30-06?

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Unless I'm missing something here ... I assume you're a neophyte at this? It is extremely dangerous to attempt shooting anything other than the ammunition listed on the barrel through the barrel!!! The three "projectiles" (bullets) are the same but quite obviously the brass shell casings (and therefore the cartridges) are radically different. Bad stuff can happen here. Read your owner's manual cover to cover ... if you don't have one ... go on line and download one ... or write to the manufacturer and get one. Half the manual is about safely using the firearm. "READ IT!!!" Judging from your question; and no disrespect because everyone is a beginner at one time ... I suggest you not even shoot the firearm until you read the manual and get some instruction from a competent experienced shooter. (Preferably a trained, certified instructor)



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Acting so authoritative and quick to judge behind your keyboards makes you all sound like cowards which is also probably why you both write so much about being gun experts.


The only reason that I asked y'all was because a lady at Benelli customer service assured me that it would be no problem shooting 308 Win. out of the 300 WSM barrel as long as the bolt-face was changed.


Call them up yourself if you do not believe me and get a life.

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Arrogance and ignorance.

A deadly combination.


Simply put, your question indicated a non-existent knowledge of ammunition and firearms.

Regardless of what you think a CS rep. told you, ANYONE with ANY experience would know otherwise.


Butch stearnly, and properly corrected you and warned you against hurting yourself or others.

Get over it, and grow up, and learn what you're doing.


Below is an image showing a side-by-side comparison of four rifle cartridges.


Counting from the left...

#2 - .308 Win. (a short action .30 caliber)

#4 - .300 WM (a long action .30 caliber magnum)



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You know what moracho ... if you're going to take honest concern for a fellow shooter who is talking about doing something which is asinine and dangerous as being “authoritative” and

judgmental ... knock yourself out. I have yet to read anyone on these forums who claims to being an "expert." They all share information ... and we do with it as we please. I learn things on theses forums from guys gracious enough to share information and experiences; that I didn’t discover in 40 years of hunting and shooting. I only hope that I occasionally have something useful to contribute as well. Although I tried to be diplomatic in my tone, perhaps the magnitude of the consequences of such a dumb idea and my sense of urgency to prevent a potential disaster, coupled with my amateur writing style, offended your psyche and triggered your defensive reply. Don't forget YOU asked the question. Too bad if you didn't like the answer. You obviously didn't believe the professional Benelli Representative ... the authorities at Benelli; or you wouldn't have floated the question to 5,000 Benelli Forum readers for further advice. Trust me, the original intent was not to sound pompous, just to prevent someone getting hurt and the resulting media fodder. Do whatever suits your fancy. If you cripple or kill yourself or someone around you ... let the survivors not say you weren't warned.




P.S. Funny, I’ve shot a Browning Bar Safari MKII autoloader in .300 Winchester Magnum for 12 years and a "worked" Winchester Model 70 in .300 Win. mag for 30 years and my owner’s manuals have huge red danger warnings all over about not switching ammunition. Call the Benelli lady back and ask her to send in writing that you can interchange those three cartridges. I can well imagine the lawyers would like to see it ... I mean just in case we lifeless cowards happen to be correct.

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Well, at least old Tucker obviously needs to get off his bootie and learn to be more bienvenido after the way he knocked my R1 wish list last week and now insuates that I am a ignorant neophyte who should not be able to shoot a gun.


Gullable dreamer I may be but I am probably not as ignorant and snotty as you.


I was aware of the need of the R1 barrel changes but I simply got a wild hair and decided to speak with benelli about how great it would be to design a multi. 30 cal. gun without the need to lug around extra barrels; heck, might as well cary a whole extra gun, I thought.

Well, low and behold the self-perclaimed tech. expert finally got on the line and to my great surprise repeatedly insisted that the 308 Win. and 300 WSM cartridges could use the same barrel.


I will be calling Benelli tomorrow and I am sure they have read this as well.

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Originally posted by moracho:

...insuates that I am a ignorant neophyte....


....I am probably not as ignorant and snotty as you.

....expert finally got on the line and to my great surprise repeatedly insisted that the 308 Win. and 300 WSM cartridges could use the same barrel.

And this year's Darwin Award goes to...
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If anyone is Darwinian in nature it would be you with your superiority complex.


For some reason you remind me of that old sour pussed lady on that jelly commercial that always turns up her nose whenever she hears "please pass the jelly".

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Well, ...much as I know and regret this morphing away from Benelli and much as I told myself I wasn’t going to let myself get dragged into a ludicrous public debate over this ... and much as I know I’m taking liberties with the venue and taking members time away from legitimate posts to quench my own ax to grind ... after sleeping on it ... I’ve always taken offense with bullies who use intimidation as a way to relate to people. Strikes me as lacking strength & honor. As I raised my kids “character assassination” during an argument was absolutely unacceptable. It was NOT allowed in our home ... period. Destructive to both the giver and receiver. A sure sign that you were losing an intelligent debate or disagreement and trying to introduce a base childish emotional reaction. STICK TO THE FACTS was the rule! Fight if you must ... but fight clean, fight fair. Be a man, or a woman and admit when you were wrong; with respect, and head held high. Be correct or right; graciously and equally respectfully as when you were wrong.


First off, it was me who insinuated that you MIGHT be a neophyte ... Tucker did not. Beginner is not a derogatory term. YOU choose to take it as so. Your post sat unanswered for over a week before ANYBODY decided to answer it. So, clearly, neither me nor Tucker was eagerly seizing the opportunity to play “holier than thou” expert. I saw it early and after a week of it still going unanswered, I started to worry that without SOMEBODY addressing your false ideas you might be minutes away from going out in the field, or to a range, to experiment with your convoluted ammunition theory; and blow up an R1; with shrapnel killing and maiming. Hence the sense of duty ... and urgency in my response to your post!!! I’m guessing Tucker figured that supporting my post would further weight my words; especially dealing with you ... as I now see he has had previous experience with you and R1 questions. Your “thank you” for our being concerned about you and your family and/or friends who would be standing around you while trying to fire .308's out of a .300 mag. Chamber is among other things ... defining.


Second ... Tucker didn’t rightfully label you ignorant & arrogant until AFTER you decided that I was a coward who needed to get out from behind my keyboard and get a life. (I tip my hat to him for he said in one sentence that which takes me two pages to say) Now, much as I know I shouldn’t bother; much as I know it would be nobler to suffer your slings and arrows rather than take up arms against them ... such an unfounded, unsubstantiated, ignorant, blanket accusation such as you made IS offensive by almost anyone’s standards. People like you should not go unchallenged or it only encourages and reinforces additional attacks as your normal way of doing business. You presume to know a man ... a man’s courage ... a man’s lifestyle from a few sentences on a Benelli forum??? How dare you??? Tucker’s admonishments towards you were far too kind. I’ve been an Ironworker and steel erector in the NYC megalopolis for a large part of my life. Walked steel beams 57 stories up alongside men who are MEN and trust one another literally with our lives daily. Watched on 9/11/01 in person; from the roof of a building we were erecting on the river; as the terrorist Islamic scum flew into the World Trade Center and then took a NYC Police launch at 1:00am across the Hudson River to work in the smoldering WTC debris field alongside Cops & Firefighters & Ironworkers, drove Corvettes & Ferraris over 160mph, bikes over 140mph, pole vaulted as a youth, risked my home and assets in business, spent 5 years in a Karate school & had my share of street fights, etc, etc, etc ... so while I don’t see myself as being a particularly brave man ... I’ve yet to have any man or woman who knows me or knows of me, label me as a coward. While I’ve been called some pretty unflattering expletives ... coward has never been one of them. Put your brain in gear before engaging your mouth in print. A life??? I raised two kids with straight A’s no drugs no trouble with authorities, put them through good Universities, hunt, shoot bows, shotguns, rifles, ocean fish, 2 boats, canoe, ATV’s, scuba dive, ski, travel, golf, coached hockey & baseball, 3 homes, and have 50 things to do every day. And ... yes ... I get behind this keyboard a few times a day to relax, have a cup of coffee or while having lunch, answer my e-mails from family & friends all over the country, and perhaps have a little fun and learn something on a few forums. You display about the same ability to judge people as you do judging ammunition ... you’re not very good at it.


Third ... Tucker may have a little edge to him now and then, but I’ve never seen him write anything that didn’t look true to me. He does his homework. (****, he even does the OTHER guys homework by researching stuff and posting links to answer their posts!) He thinks before he writes. I’ve never seen him launch an unprovoked attack of immature name calling during a valid discourse on an issue. Personally, I’ve learned a lot from the guy. If he chooses to chew into my butt while answering something particularly “Darwinian” something that should be obvious, something simplistic or fundamental I was too lazy to research myself, or some question which is just plain stupid ... big deal. So what if he “doesn’t suffer fools gladly?” Suck it up, get over it, don’t take it personally; and move on. And frankly, throughout my life, coming from the people street savvy land of the Sopranos ... I’ve found that those types who belittle, denigrate and launch derogatory character epithets at somebody who invites their wrath by disagreeing with them, challenging them, or by proving them wrong; are almost always “projecting” their inadequate view of themselves onto that perceived “opponent.” If guts (or lack of) is an issue ... if I had to be in a foxhole with someone,(aside from the fact that he’d know the correct ammunition to put in our weapons) ... while I don’t know Tucker from Adam ... I’ll take the tough egg over the bully any day. Bullies have a pretty predictable habit of turning into rabbits when you need a lion.


Finally ... if some sort of an apology for your unjustified tirade was supposed to be woven into your last post because you now understand you were wrong (dangerously wrong) ... it was largely more of your self justification, deprecation of others and attempting to shift negative focus onto somebody, anybody, everybody else. A behavior my kids had already developed enough self confidence, self esteem, and strength of character to cast off by the time they were about seven years old.



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