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Range test Benelli M4LE & SBE II


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I took my M4 and my SBE II to the range Saturday and ran about 250 rounds between the two of them. Let me tell ya, my right shoulder feels like it has been mule kicked. It might have been a li'l too much all at the same time. I was shooting the cheapest 3.5" heavy loads I could find out of the SBE II and it ran like a champ, but jesus does that sucker kick. I also busted 50-60 rounds of 3"magnum outta my M4LE with the collapsable stock. I passed them around to 5 other guys who wanted to shoot and(I let them shoot as much as they wanted), all of them walked away shakin their heads.


It's no surprise, I actually considered the 3" magnum and the 2 3/4 were very mild compared to that 3.5". What in gods name, anybody needs to shoot a shell that large for is beyond me. I suppose Duck & Goose hunters can justify it though. A bunch of hunting clothes will take away some of that punishment too. It sure does kick though wearing nothing but a T-shirt. I missed the first clay pigeon, but had no problems picking them up after that first shot shot miss from the SBEII. I broke 18 in a row once I got myself acclimated. I was shooting 3" magnum load and it was actually mild. I also shot ten Clay pigeons with my M4. I mounted a ProPoint red dot when I was shooting slugs, and thought I'd give it a whirl after one of the guys threw a challenge at me. I was very impressed with both guns. Especially that M4. I made 3 - 25yrd. standing shots with the slugs once I got it dialed in. You could have covered them all with a silver dollar.

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Yep, it doesn't make any difference when ya shoot 3.5" magnums.


Well, I have to respectfully disagree with you on that one. I have never put quite that many magnums through my SBE II in one outing, but I put about 90 3.5" magnums through it one day a couple of weeks ago at my father-in-law's ranch. I have a comfortech stock and I had no bruising on my shoulder nor did I feel the effects the next day.


As to the why someone would want to fire a shell that big, if you are sitting in the mud waiting on a Turkey for 3 hours and you get one shot at one, believe me you will want to get as much shot out there and at as far a distance as possible.


Just my $0.02 anyway.

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No bruising, just a little sore from all the pounding between the SBEII and the M4. I was shooting the lowest price Winchester and Remington 3.5 magnum shells I could find at Outdoor World. I think they were 2 and 4 shot mixed in with some Turkey laods. Point well taken about the turkey. I have never been, so this year(end of the month), will be my first trip. I guess I better rethink my strategy. That 3.5 seems like sound advise to me.

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