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Benelli M4 ENTRY, 14 in bbl, adj stock, $1395 NEW


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contact me for info, he has ONE only and thats a great price just keep in mind that you must have the letter from CLEO and pay the $200 fee but with all the features and a new gun for that price...What a deal..serious buyers only, this guy is busy and cant have 50 people callin just asking bout it but if you're interested in buying one, email me at [email protected] and ill give you his contact info..thanks

now that i think about it, i might buy it myself...lol

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well, i got an email and a call from a member here and i think the gun is now spoken for. i was on the phone discussing purchasing it myself when he beeped in so i gave him the info and hes already got the stamp so id say he took it. great deal for him but that leads me to another question, i know the bbl is near impossible to come by but how about doin the paperwork and having a bbl cut down to 14 or the length i chooose?? How would the law regard that as long as i paid and got my form 4 signed?

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If you find someone who will do a good cut job, then it will need to filed under a ATF form 1 along with your 200.00 tax stamp fee. You will be considered the builder of it. I did the same thing a few months back, but still can't find a barrel or anyone I trust to cut mine and do a perfect job.

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