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m4 side saddle and cycling ?


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Beautiful gun and setup !


Did the extra mass make any difference in the guns ability to cycle lighter loads ?


the gas gun would shoot with the kitchen sink tied to it...I've never had a problem with my M1014 and like i said before I never wanted a side saddle until I put this on my shotty, now I'd never do without it!

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you have to remember the M1014 and M4 was designed to function with all the tacticoolness you can afford to add....even plastic heat sheilds :D ~waits for the old man to respond.~




I just attached a red pointer laser to under side of barrel with black rubber bands, it cost about 20 bucks at staples and i have worked grave shift so long the laser will do the job for me and it means a smaller target for someone to shoot at when shooting at me!! is that a mag light ya got there? i guess it's one of the cheaper methods of illumination!!

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