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oil or lube for sbe 2

jerry baker

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BOTH!! Benelli reccomends a synthetic quality grease in their troubleshooting guide!! i use a Browning Midas grease in a couple areas and also for choke threads! It comes in a needle point applicator like a Hypo!! very good quality grease! these guns do not require repeated cleaning due to their design but benelli says if ya treat it bad just break it down and give it a quick clean & lube just keep the wd-40 and remoil away from this gun and you will be ok!! Lotta people use FP-10 some use miltec-c and some use hoppes#9 and hoppes oil, just do not leave excess amounts of any of it around to collect sand/dirt! can't believe you did not get the SBE cleanup PDF from DW!!

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thanks i do use the terra white grease on all springs i think a lot of problems with the sbe 2 are lnot being greased and oiled i got my shotgun as a gift and the first thing i did was cleaned and oil an greased ever thin 0 jams ect i would not put wd 40 or rem oil on my garden hoe i have worked on all kind of shot guns for frends who use a 50 cent oil on a 1500 dollar gun so hogwild by reading your post i thnk you are giving sound advice and will have lots of questions for you before dove and quail season but will ask them later thanks again jerry

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