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unlisted species bag limit?


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:confused: I was just looking over the last years bag limits and species ... since im a newbie to waterfowling I have to ask... if a species isnt listed on the rules and regulations bag limit for example 1black duck.. 4 mallards, two can be female.... is it still legal to shoot them and what does the unlisted species count as in the daily bag limit... here in NY they didnt list some birds such as Gadwall, Ringneck, Wigeon....does it mean they are birds that cant be taken? I hope I explained this correctly, and isnt a stupid question with an obvious answere.

Thank you in adance for replies.

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Not sure about NY, but here an unlisted species goes towards a general bag limit.

For instance, if the limit is 6 birds per day, then we can take 6 unlisted birds or any combination of unlisted and listed birds.

We could shoot 6 gadwalls and make a full limit.

We could shoot 4 gadwalls and two mallards (nly one of which could be a hen).

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always can count on the Tuckmiester for a reply..much thanks Tucker... now did you find that out from a dec office in yoru state? Because every time i call and ask a question to dec here in ny they give me run around answeres... or did you find that information online ? Or is that just common knowledge? The limits they put on the ducks in the rules and regs are same in every state since they are migratory birds?


Anyone else wishing the season was just kicking off or is it just me ? lol... after shopping in ebay since end of last season im just about set for my real first year of waterfowling ...awww yeah!!

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I've been waterfowling for 30 years, so I suppose it's just kind of ingrained knowledge.


The Flyway Councils meet each year and make their recommendations each year to the states in the various flyways. The states can and usually do adopt those recommendations, but they are free to make their own limits and laws.



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