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M4 Collapsible Stock


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Anyone know the reason behind the sale of these to "law enforcement only?" I just can't see the logic in banning stocks.:confused:


eBay recently removed one of my auctions for an HK G3 collapsible stock because it's an "assault weapon part."


If there is some bizzare reasoning behind this, how long before Benelli realizes that it is a wanted item and just allows the public to purchase again.


Also, how long before someone starts to produce a quality aftermarket version, and sells them for $350? :D

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No Benelli M4's came from the factory with a collapsing stock. If there was a collapsing stock on an M4 that you bought from a gun shop, then they are the ones that put it on, not the factory. The factory only shipped the M4 with a pistol grip solid stock. I think that I am right, someone correct me if I am not. Thanks

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I apologize for my earlier confusing post. My recently purchased M4 Model 11707 came with the factory pistol grip stock, not the collapsible skeletonized stock. To correct my earlier post, is it legal to personally install the collapsible Benelli skeletonized stock part #70085 on a M4, Model 11707 that came with a factory pistol grip stock? Additionally, I would like to hear comments on a US made full mag tube. I acknowledge that any replies are opinions only and should be relied upon as such. I have gone so far as to contact several local attorneys that are supposedly firearms law knowledgeable and have not received a clear response. If any or you know of any attorney that could clearly answer the stock issue, the US manufactured full length mag tube issue, part count, etc., please pm me, I may foot the bill for a legal opinion. Mods, if I'm treading on thin ice hear, please feel free to delete this post.

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