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Shorter SBE II recoil pad availability


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I checked with Benelli today regarding the short pads for the SBE 2, and customer service said that Benelli received an order of them and all were shipped to dealers who had ordered them.

I went on line to two major Benelli dealers and their response was the pads are still on backorder. I asked Benelli if they would give me a list of dealers who received these elusive pads and customer service said " no."

I'm starting to wonder what the problem is here and why we're getting the runaround.

Does anyone know of a dealer who might have these pads ? I bought the Benelli over the Beretta solely because of its 14" LOP shortening capability, and now I'm a bit frustrated with the company's lack of follow through.

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If all else fails check with All Sport Tech (734-717-5390) about one of their Recoil Pad Replacement Kits which allows you to shorten your LOP to as short as 13-1/2", change the Pitch and or install any Pad you want. The kit works on SS, SBE II, Cordoba, and the Nova Syn stocks.--GB

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Thank you Golden Bear. My cold weather hunting is over for the year, and that's when a shorter stock is a great advantage.


Hopefully Benelli will live up to their advertising promises and deliver these rare short pads before the cold rolls around again.



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