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  1. Does the Speed Bead have windage & elevation adjustments to center a pattern?
  2. BoJack: THANK YOU very much; sent you e-mail.
  3. Whats the best after market choke tube wrench for SBE II standard chokes? Lost my factory wrench and Benelli wrench hard to find & expensive!
  4. All this already and the Libs have only been in control a few months!!! All I can say is, gun owners better get off their a__ and VOTE for their rights or they will be gone. The Libs are just getting started!!!!!
  5. Thanks WM, I'll look into those.
  6. Just sold my 5mm LaCrosse waders for $50; I wear size 12, but need a 30" inseam!! I swear the ones I sold had an inseam of 40" (not pretty on my frame!). I've given up on finding any that fit right!
  7. Snow geese and turkeys, since thats all I hunt with a scattergun (SBEII)!!!!
  8. Read the link on "Duh Fuge" and gotta get off line for awhile as my neck is stiff and my eyes are sore!!!! That argument/discussion could go on for years! Guess I'm lucky, because my .675 Terror has worked great for (3) yrs. shooting 3 1/2" High Velocity BB's out of my SBEII. Never had a "tight" problem; in fact, have to re-tighten occasionally.
  9. chris v: If your going to buy a standard .22 cal. Automatic, the Mark II or new Mark III Rugers are hard to beat. The Mark III Hunter is a very nice pistol. You mentioned you had a Glock. Did you know you can get conversion kits for .22 cal. for them? Go to www.accuratearms.com; they make them for several Glock models. Other companies make them also, but I've heard these are very good.
  10. I have a Sure Cycle extension on my SBE II for Spring snow goose hunting. Works great. Go to: www.surecycle.com
  11. Guns Galore, Fenton, Michigan. Best prices I have found in retail market.
  12. coltchris

    TIKKA T3

    rch 3030: My son bought a T3 Tikka Lite last year in 300 WSM. He loves it; very smooth action, decent trigger, and a real tack driver. Only drawback, the magazines are plastic and very expensive!
  13. I think the deadliest catch is "Gretchen" on the CMA tonight!!!!!
  14. I have the SBE II with comfortech stock and the recoil reduction certainly is NOT as advertised!!! It may be a little less, but not 30-40% as advertised. A good recoil pad on the SBE would probably do as much for perceived recoil. Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT sorry I bought the SBE II.
  15. Mudhen: My Terror .675 seems to work fine in my SBE II; used for snow geese and turkey with no problems and good patterns with Hevi-Shot and Steel BB's. I've read some posts here about some problems and some very good results on patterning pages and hunting. Could you please elaborate to refresh my memory on problems? Thanks
  16. I've got a Terror .675 for my SBE II and it patterns great at 40 yds. for geese. If interested, go to Sure Cycle website. Be sure to get the one for Crio barrel.
  17. LOGGER: If you contact Customer Service, they will replace pad at no cost. Mine was loose and they replaced it; took a few months as they were backordered. I requested they replace it with the "short" pad as my LOP was a little long; they said no problem. New one fits much tighter.
  18. henkka82: I doubt its because your from Finland; I've got some items over (2) months old still on backorder! I have called customer service, but no promise other than on back order and they will ship as soon as they get them! Luckily, nothing that important.
  19. Nice going Mudhen!!! My SBE II with Terror will be busy here in Northern Michigan in about a week. Been seeing some really nice Toms.
  20. Is your receiver drilled and tapped for a Weaver style base? If so, did it come that way or did you have it tapped? Mine is not drilled and tapped!
  21. Ditto to Tucker's post; mine was free also. $70 each is ridiculous!!! Guess they're trying to make up for all they had to give away for loose fit!!!
  22. Agree with Tucker. BUY IT!!!
  23. Received my replacement gel pad (shorter LOP) from Benelli today to replace loose pad. Requested in Jan. and promised in March. They delivered. THANKS Customer Service.
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