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Maryland 2007-08 Goosing Rules

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The MD DNR website is currently showing the new 07-08 rules for goose hunting in early season. 8 per day, shooting times extended to 1/2 hour after sunset, and unplugged guns. I have a extension tube that will let my gun hold 11 2 3/4 shells. Sounds like MD wants us to lay down a barrage of anti goose fire. Any other states doing the same??? I think more than the unplugged guns, and the extended shooting limits, the 1/2 hour after sunset shooting times will make a whole world of difference.

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The late shooting will a difference exactly once in any given spot.

Once geese are shot on a roosting spot, they're not likely to return to that spot, so make good on the opportunity.


These look like the changes that the Atlantic council recommended last year, but few state adopted.

Glad to see at least MD is moving in the right direction.


Haven't heard what VA will do, but they're pretty slow to adopt radical changes... unless of course you're talking about splitting up and making a new country ;)

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I found a nice "honey" hole on public hunting land few know about, and fewer are willing to make the 2.6 mile trek in on foot. I got 2 last season "late" on the pond. Didnt seem to make a difference the next day and so on. I hope all are enacted. We will see. Tuck you in VA?

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Here in Wisconsin we have such tight bag limits we save em' for all you guys down south to have your way with. I cannot imagine anything like that happening here, heck it was a 2 year battle to just open up dove hunting here and its still contested.

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