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Liberty or death Jr.

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Shotguns tear up. I know we hope we will find excalibur but the fact is nothing is perfect. I have been hunting since the age of seven------36 years and I can tell you firearms break.


What you have to do is weigh the pluses against the minuses. I grew up in Arkansas around some intense and I mean intense duck hunters-----men who never miss a day during the season. I have seen shotguns abused. Sometimes they go 10,000 rounds; other times they crap out straight from the box.


I am a big fan of the recoil system a an old browning auto 5 16 was the weapon i learned to hunt with. My son uses it now fwiw. The reason is the slim profile in the forearm----simply a handling thing.


Let me assure you, when you compare the workmanship of a Benelli against the other current makes, there is no comparison-----even with the inexpensive pumps that I use.


I was a big fan of a domestic manufacturer that just recently got sold. As bad as i hate to admit it, that company's struggles are due to the poor, poor quality of product they are turning out right now. My Dad is 70 and the biggest redneck in the world----never owned a foreign vehicle and he just gave them up for a Benelli SBE II.

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