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Questions from a newbie.....


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I have a M3 Super 90 with pistol grip. My M3 has been pretty cool. I put a M1014 on order the other day. I can't wait to pick it up.


Anyway, I am pretty new to firearms in general. So I have few questions.


Is it legal for me to put on a mag extension on my M3 and M1014?


Is it ok for me to shoot slugs through M3 and M1014? If yes, should I shoot rifled slugs or sabot slugs?


Who sells tactical accessories for M3 and M1014?


Finally, does anyone have any experience and recommendation with optics for M1014?


I would appreciate your input very much.


Thank you very much for your response in advance!!


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There's some specifics to the M3 about adding a mag extention if it's a folder or true pistol grip (if I remember correctly it predates the AWB). If you're talking about the shoulder stock that has the pistol grip protruding from it you should be fine.

I used to have a factory M3 folder and have regretted getting rid of it every since. They now run for 2,000 to 2,500 since that option isn't available to the public (and very few were sold that way).

Yes you can shoot slugs if you shoot it through the cylinder choke, use sabot slugs unless you have a rifled slug barrel. If I remember correctly you can use rifled slugs or sabots if using a rifled choke tube. I was going to get a slug barrel for my SBE but after 4 months of waiting I cancelled my order and said heck with it and got another gun instead.


I have no interest or experience with the 1014 so I'm not much help there...

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129518.jpg Congradulations on your future ownership of an M1014,Cals Sporting Armory on the web has alot of cool Benelli stuff,Put whatever You want on the weapon,I'm saving my pennies for a Meprolite 21 optic.The M1014 will digest anykind of ammo I so choose to feed it.Post a pic of your baby when you get it,check out my other post about this topic.seeya M1014 :cool:
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