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Shortening LOP on Super Nova Tactical


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I have finally finished shortening the LOP on my Super Nova Tactical. I removed 2 inches and now the LOP is 12.5 inches. This includes the limbsaver pad I installed. I like a lot better now. I am interested in seeing if anyone else has done this and what the results look like.



Here is a picture of what I did. The lower part of the picture displays the two one inch section I removed from the original stock and the original butt pad.


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I have not patterned it yet. I hope it patterns as well as the old Nova I used to have. I should have kept the Nova but it like the Super Nova came with a stock that was just too long for a defensive shotgun.


To shorten the stock I started by using painters masking tape to mark the sections I wanted to cut off. I then used a wood saw to cut the sections off the stock. Next I shaped a spare limbasaver pad I had for a Rem 870 with a disc sander. I then took a spare aluminum scope rail that came with my Ruger 10/22 and shaped it to fit the inside of the Super nova stock. I do not have a picture of it but it resembled a sharpened popsicle stick when I was done. I next drilled a hole through the scope rail large enough for the stock screw to pass through. I then took two pieces of Oak and shaped it with a file to fit the stock. Finally I attached the oak pieces to the modified 10/22 scope rail with epoxy and wood screws. The entire assembly was then bolted in the stock using the original stock bolt.


Here is a picture prior to attaching the limbsaver pad.



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