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Selling it all, What do you think is fair price?

tone loc

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Went through a M4 craze after buying the gun and getting on this forum to witness just how ridiculously awesome this gun is and could be. Pieced it together and have to say I am going to be very sad to see it go but shopping for a house and need to reduce the credit card debt a little. I know..... What a shame.

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I have a Benelli M4 11707 with a telescoping stock, original stock, EOTech 512, Spectre CQB 3 point sling, and a pelican case. All of it will be up for grabs but wanted a little feedback on value of the merchandise.


This is all worthless useless crap that is worth next to nothing.:p


J/K.....Depending on fired/unfired condition, you'd probably get more $$ selling the scope/tele stock seperate, and putting the other stuff (gun/original stock/sling/case) together as a package. Best bet is to put up both a package deal price ($2200.00??) and a per item price (gun/sling/case = $1550.00...tele stock = $550.00...scope = $275.00).


Good Luck

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hi this is my first post, check out the thread showing my factory Benelli full length magazine tube for sale.


I needed to post something in this thread because the site says I can't post picture URLs without 5 posts.





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Hey mike R,


Saw your thread on the full length mag tube and felt you should know there is a guy on this forum named socomGuy who is a mechanical engineer up in Michigan and he is tooling and manufacturing exact replicas of these mag tubes for $200.00. Your $800.00 may be just a little over the top.

Best of luck,


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