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Factory Benelli full length mag tube for sale


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I agree with HDRKG piss off over to ebay Mike R, I saw some other price gouger selling nodakspud steel 2 ext on ebay for like 300 ... and yet was claiming it to be factory.. your just starting a bad name for youself here, socom guy has better looking "non factory tubes" for less get a grip on reality!! the best offer you will get here is 199.99 same as socom guys price.

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Guys, lighten up. He's named a price, and even though it is inflated, there's a perfectly viable (and even better!) option in another thread on this board.


He doesn't have anybody by the balls here, with the exception of Benelli ultra-purists. Yeah, it's a raw deal if you've absolutely, positively got to have stock Benelli across the board, but there is no functional or even aesthetic reason for it, given the quality of SOCOMGuy's work.


He's not jacking up the price every day, either, like PS did.


Mike_r, thanks for the post. Good luck finding a buyer here, though. I'd list 'em on Ebay if you haven't already.

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