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Recoil Pad/Choke Tubes


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I have been researching aftermarket recoil pads and choke tubes for my SBEII. I rarely shoot clay targets and duck and goose hunt as often as possible. With that said, is the limbsaver pad any better than the comfortech that comes on the SBEII? Also, would a pattern master choke tube improve my pattern? If not, is another pad/choke tube better than the two mentioned above?


Any help is appreciated.



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I can't help you with the recoil pad question but I have heard a TON of good things about the patternmaster.


There are all different kinds of patternmaster, some for longer ranges, some for shorter, some for 3" some for 3-1/2" shells. They shorten your shot string and should improve your pattern. They also don't use constriction to improve the pattern, they use little teeth that grab the wad, separating it from the shot, making more consistant patterns.


If they do not do as desired for you, they will take it back.

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I'd stick with the factory gel pad. I tried the Limbsaver, but it does not slip fit like the factory pad, you have to use an adaptor with screws. It is designed for permanent installation. Too much work for me plus the cheap plastic adaptor can't hold up to many removals.


As to PMs, they sure were popular a few seasons ago. My local shop sold tons up to around 2005. The problem for most of the guys I know that shot them, was that they are pretty specific. Like LorDjr said, they have a tube for everything. 3", 3.5", long range, close range, mid range, etc. At $90-$100 each, it can add up.


I like the Primos Dead Zone set - decoy & pass - they seem to work for me. Also, the Carlson extended tubes pattern well in my guns. Both brands are fairly affordable.

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Go with Briley Tubes. Extended, so you can change by hand. You can get them black as well so they don't reflect. Briley chokes are all true constriction and guarateed concentric. Most people tend to choke up way too tight with modern shotshells- not to mention steel shot. A skeet choke for decoying birds is excellent and you'll probably kill way more birds. For pass shooting or shy birds an IC or LT MOD. works great. An IC will do everything well. For true long range pass shooting MOD. or just maybe an Imp. Mod. I never shoot any tighter than a LT. Mod. anymore (except X-Full at turkeys- rifle style). If you start shooting a more open choke you'll see what I'm talking about is true. I had an old 870 with a 30" full choke barrel that I had Brilet open up to Skeet constriction. I'd give this old gun to people and they would start really bustin' birds. It was hilarious, because they would say something about how that long barrel and full choke really hits 'em hard, LOL.

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