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GunSmith in Baton Rouge, Louisiana


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I have never thought the way a gun fit you was a big deal until I joined this forum about a week ago. I rarely shoot clays, and mostly hunt ducks and geese. I purchased a SBEII last year and did not shoot nearly as well as I did with my 1100. I was always of the opinion that once you became familiar with how a gun shot, then you would shoot better. However, after reading some of your posts, I do believe that the little things can make all the difference in the world as to how good/bad you shoot. So my questions are:

1) How would I go about adjusting the drop and cast on my gun? (If I even need to), and

2) Does anyone know of a good gunsmith in/around Baton Rouge that I can go to to get my gun fitted to me?


Thanks in advance

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1) How would I go about adjusting the drop and cast on my gun? (If I even need to)


I would spend some time with your SBE II manual - it describes how to adjust drop and cast.


I have adjusted almost every shotgun I have ever owned.

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Seems you mentioned it not shooting as good as another shotgun? Did you pattern this Italian Shotgun or did ya just lock and load and go hunting? If ya did that it would explain your performance. The adjustments mean big changes out to and past 40 yds and ya need to get someone to help ya pattern it with ya that knows how! which is kinda simple but must be done correctly! Should be plenty of hunters in your area that would be glad to help for a few$$ or just read owners manual, i am originally from Arkansas and i have seemed to figure it out (amazing) and good luck!

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