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SBE II choke tubes?


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I am a proud owner of an SBE II. Shot it for the first time last season and loved it. I've been reading the posts on the Benelli forums ever since I purchased the gun last year.


Any way, here are my questions?


1. I've been looking at the Primos dead zone chokes for my gun and wondering how they perform in comparison to the factory chokes? I was thinking of picking up both the pass and decoy choke for this year.


2. If anyone currenty has these chokes what loads are you shooting for ducks and geese with them?


3. From what I gather, it looks like the Pass shooting choke is similar to the IM factory choke? If you aren't suppose to shoot steel out the the factory IM what makes the Primos choke different?


4. Is the Pass shooting choke to tight for BB or BBB steel shot?


5. Last question. What factory choke is the Decoy choke similar to?


Thanks in advance to anyone who replies to my questions. I was hoping for a few user reviews on these chokes before I buy. I just wanted to be sure I'm not making a mistake.

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1. No 2 shotguns will pattern the same with same choke tube, close but not the same. Anything primos has built will be of good quality and the pair your talking about i am sure will make you happy.

2. i only own the Jelly Head and happy with it, if i were to go duck hunting i would use hevi-shot and nothing elsebut the set you mentioned, just my prefference and their are a lotta good rounds ya can use with great success!!

3.Most people are shooting lead outta the factory chokes that are full and IM, benelli reccomends steel and hevi shot to be used only in their M,IC & skeet chokes. Aftermarket tubes will specify what they are to be used with ie. steel, hevi-shot, lead!

4. i would not use steel as long as i can afford hevi-shot but the following link explains the benefits of hevi-shot vs steel! http://www.hevishot.com/images/panels/duck/Duck%20Sell%20Sheet.pdf

5. I believe someone said the factory chokes were made by trulock? IM probably depending on round ? lotta factors/variables 3", 3.5", steel,hevi-shot. Lotta people like steel but i would leave it in the truck if i had a box of 3" hevi-shot!

Primos 2-pak model # 6896 would do ya good and would not take ya long to figure which round ya liked the best depending on how much $$ ya wanted to spend on ammo. great purchase and let the feathers fly!!

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Hello, cmhunter, and welcome to the fold.


1. I've used the Dead Zone set for two seasons now and I love them, although I rarely use the Pass tube at all.

I briefly tried the factory tubes and they worked fairly well, but I switched to the Dead Zone set for the benefit of being able to change tubes without tools.

I also briefly tried a Patternmaster, but I like the DZ tubes much better.


2. For early season ducks I shoot faststeel 4's and 5's in 3".

I switch to 3's and 2's after the first break. For geese, I use 3.5" 2's for the first round, followed by a couple of 3.5" BB's.

If I do shoot hevi-shot, I just step down two shot sizes.

I try to keep a couple of dead coyotes in my pocket in case I get a long-range cripple that looks like he's gonna make the cattails before I can get to him. Thumped one last year at 75 yards.


3. Click here The tubes are built to withstand hevi-shot, steel and Bismuth. As I said, I've shot Dead Coyote loads through mine with no adverse effects.


4. Technically, no, but a tight tube and large shot will sometimes result in a scattered and random pattern. The larger shot tend to not get together as easily as do smaller shot when forced through a tight space. It's like trying to fit 5 skinny guys or 3 fat guys through a doorway at the same time. There's a better chance of the skinny guys compressing together and getting through unscathed... Especially if that doorway leads to an all-you-can-eat buffet. ;)


5. I don't remember exactly, but I think it's close to the IC. The trick is how it peels away the wadding to open up the pattern almost immediately. I've posted the constrictions here before. If you feel like looking through a few posts you can probably find the information.


Best of luck to you!



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