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REVIEW shot my SBEII for 1st time


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Fianally shot it! I was pretty nervous before I shot it in regards if I made the right decision but ohhh man is that gun awesome. Started out with some 3.5 turkey loads. patterned awesome and hardly kicked if you asked me, very impressed. Shot about 30 of those and them went to 2 3/4 1300 fps trap loads about another 30. Honestly I could shoot those all day long and not feel it. The most impressive thing to me was how fast it cycled and how fast the barrel recovery is. I have read that this guns kicks alot but I dont see it. Especially with the 2 3/4, You can barely feel them. Did I say the recovery was incredible? :) I can see why Tom Knapp can shoot like he does! I was worried about cyling problems as I have read about but it it fired flawlessly and I couldnt be happier. My Remington die hard freind shot it alot with me and now he wants one. His words were "shoots like a dream". I HIGHLY recommend an SBEII if you are thinking about it.

Took it home for a cleaning and damn was that easy and fast. I am sooo glad I didnt go with the Beretta (my other choice). The ONLY thing I dont like too much is that it doesnt hold many shells but thats a duck gun for ya I guess.


I never had so much fun shooting a shotgun - I cant wait to get back out there!!

Next week I will be trying diff loads and chokes and patterning it in for turkeys.

Thanks all for reading !!

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