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Mercury Recoil Reducers


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It works for me.

I use the C&H model that replaces the barrel nut on my SBEII.


The recoil reducer works in two ways.


1. It adds weight to the gun. Heavier gun means more energy is used on setting the gun into motion and keeping it moving. That means less energy is transfered to your shoulder.


2. The mercury is in a sealed tube, but the tube isn't full, so the liquid metal is allowed movement inside the tube. I don't know all the mathemetical formulas and laws of physics, but the movement of the liquid further dampens the sharpness of the recoil so that it's more of push than a whack.

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I shoot alot of 3.5 inch shells at geese. Does a mercury reducer work that well? and exactly how does it work? Thanks



The scientific babble would be about Newton's law every action has equal and opposite reaction. If you make the weapon heavier, the rearward velocity must be reduced to keep the formula in balance. M1V1 = M2V2 . Mass1 ( The projectile) times Velocity1 (Initial projectile velocity) equals Mass2 (Weight of the weapon,the caseing, etc) times Velocity2 (rearweard velocity of the weapon, caseing etc). Less rearward velocity equates to less felt recoil.


The fluid fills less that the availave volume. The fluid's initial accelleration and density absorbs some energy further reducing 'felt recoil.


For any given cartridge, a heavier weapon has less felt recoil that a lighter weapon. Which is why the M1 garand is such a fine shooter - its heavy! Much heaver than my H&R HandiRifle in 30-06.


I have one for my Tactical Nova I use it during practice exercises - It does add weight to the weapon making the Nova heavy. I remove it after the exercise. When many rounds are going ot be expended during a session, the unit helps my aged shoulder with rotator cuff problems...


Hopes this helps -



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I installed the Benelli recoil reducer in my Nova Tactical and didn't feel much difference in perceived recoil. The unit adds about one-pound to the weight of the gun, so there is some reduction due purely to the added weight, but not enough to justify the price. I could have added one-pound of anything and it would have had the same effect! However, some users of the recoil reducer feel that it is more effective with heavier loads. I was using law enforcement reduced recoil buckshot and slug loads.


If you are expecting a major reduction in recoil by adding a mercury recoil reducer, I think you will be disappointed.

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