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Factory "type" M4 foregrip


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Certainly looks good, but that also appears to be the grip from the collapsible stock, so I think that's probably too pricey for the rest of us (assuming Benelli isn't willing to sell just that grip).


Care to go into detail about how ya did it?

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factory poly grip frame $34.00 @ e-gunparts,


factory rubber overmold grip $15.00 @ brownells,

http://www.brownells.com/aspx/NS/store/ProductDetail.aspx?p=6387&title=GRIP+INSERTS%2c+RUBBER%2c+SYNTHETIC&s=15517#15517 -or-


A.R.M.S. 17 type clamp $look around and find a good deal.

misc stuff $4.00 @local hardware, Total $57.00. I wanted the LaRue Q.R. clamp, but you can get a screw clamp very inexspensive.

here are some pics from the assem:



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Thank you pdw4137, yes it is just the polymer grip. The pictures do not give an accurate representation, the lighting highlights all the differences in color. With the nautral eye the foregrip looks quite uniform and nice. If one was looking toward the muzzel at a distance of a few yards, I do not think there would be disparagaing remarks what so ever. regards -d.

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Thank you Liberty or death Jr., I do still have some punch and trim to do on it. Always easier to remove material than repace it.


HDRDKG - Call SF I think they are in the final production stages, I had one ordered but I was not happy with it's appearence, I felt the rails protruded too much and I did not like the nylon trim piece at the top.

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