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Scope and Slug suggestions for Nova Cantilever Slug Barrel


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Getting ready to order a rifled cantilever barrel for my Nova pump for the up coming Deer gun season in late November here in Ohio. I have hunted deer in the past with my Springfield 1911 Long Slide 45 and had never used my Nova because I didnt want to run slugs through the normal barrel. Anyway finally going to break down and get the right slug barrel for it and Im wondering if anyone has some suggestions for a good scope would spend up to $300 on a scope and mounts. Also since I will be getting a rifled slug barrel what seems to be the general feeling on the best slug on the market. On my families farm where I hunt in southern Ohio we have about 20 acres of woods with a couple cricks running through them but its also alot of open ground so having the ability to reach out over 100 yards could be the difference in getting a shot at a great buck and having to settle for what ever I can get a shot on. This is why I want to spend the money for a rifled barrel. I appreciate any input need to get this stuff ordered soon so I have lots of time to dial it in and get comfortable with how it shoots November 26th is opening day.

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Thanks for the suggestion going to give both items a shot. After some research that does look like a really nice scope for a shotgun. And honestly the price isn't bad at all. Here is my next question and I guess this one is pretty important from what reading I have done so far. What would be the best set of mounting rings to use with the Slug hunter scope mounting it onto the cantilever barrel. I hear the weaver name allot but this will be the first gun I personally have installed a scope on.

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