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Odd problem with Benelli Nova pump


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Hi all,


first of all, sorry for my bad english, i'll try to keep this text as simple as possible.


Yesterday i was shooting clays with my Nova. I encountered a weird problem as the slide appeared to be stuck in forward position after a shot (not every time but often). Empty shell was stuck in the chamber, and i couldn't load a new one since the pump just wouldn't move towards me. It moved a bit, maybe a 1 millimeter and clacked a bit forwards and backwards but not a bit more.


I called the retailer for advice what i should / could do, and he suggested to fieldstrip the gun. (thank god Nova is simple to fieldstrip :D )


Anyways, i removed the magazine extender i had and suddenly the pump slide moved again and i could unload the shell and reload the new one.


This whole episode happened twice more, but it just cant figure out the connection between pump slide and extension magazine. I'm totally sure i have installed it correctly (it has worked fine many times before).


Any advice would be welcome...


Thanks and greetings from the freezing north (+27 degrees celsius),


Lassi K., Oulu, Finland

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There has to be a reason that the extension is causing the action to bind.

It could be slightly misaligned and causing undue torque on the action bars.


You need to determine where it's sticking.

Is the fired shell sticking in the chamber, or is the action binding somwehere?


When it sticks again, rather than completely removing the extension, loosen the mag cap just a bit and see if it breaks loose. If it does, I'd say that the magazine extension isn't straitght and true.


You should also make sure the chamber is clean and smooth on the inside so the fired case has nothing to bind against.

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Ok, i have now tested my gun with several different brands of ammunition. It seems that the cheap skeet rounds expand in the chamber during firing and get stuck somehow in the chamber. When i used different brand this didn't happen. And also when i used hunting shells problemn did not exist. Also, when i hit the buttstock in to the ground very hard, the slide moves and spits the shell out. I examined some of the jammed shells closely and i could see the brass part of the shell had somewhat expanded around the plastic part of the shell.


I still cant figure out how the removing of the extension magazine sets the pump slide free ? I cant figure out how loosening the shell extension magazine affects the mechanics in the lock / chamber area.


Tonight after the sauna, i'll take a few beers and totally clean the gun.

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It seems that the cheap skeet rounds expand in the chamber during firing and get stuck somehow in the chamber.


This has happened to me with several pumps.


I take a bore brush, wrap in steel wool, use some jewler's rouge, attach to a drill, and polish out the chamber a bit.


It may need repeating over time as the chamber gets dirty.


I had the worst problem with Hevi Steel and Kent Matrix.

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Hello Tucker and Mudhen. Yes, I know it's been a while since you've seen me. I'm still the old wallhanger54 but since I changed ISPs and couldn't remember my password I had to start from scratch again with a new name. Hope to see you around the forum. As for yet another answer to this fellas question about the Nova. Try shooting the same ammo without the extension. If it does not stick then there may be a solution. Sometimes, the actual extended tube that screws into the connector which screws onto the magazine tube is too long. The way to check...with the mag extension on the gun and tight, unscrew only the extended part of the tube 1 or 2 turns from the connector. If you can then tighten the connector a few clicks then you will have found your problem. What is happening is that the barrel is not firmly seated and is not allowing the chamber to fully support the shell allowing the shell to expand. Two ways to fix it....1. Take out the mag spring , put the barrel on with the extension and the connector tight to the barrel and the extended part of the tube loose so you know the barrel is seated properly. Remove the tube extension, put some red Loctite on the threads (not too much) and screw it back in until it is snug finger tight, not torqued. 2. You can also remove the extended part of the tube and file some metal from the part that meets the factory tube, but just enough so that it completely screws in flush without binding. You dont want a big gap inside your magazine for the follower to get stuck on. That being said, polishing the chamber isn't a bad idea either, it keeps them from being finicky. Hope this helps.

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