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should i buy a LeftHand SBE2 if i dont like the camo?


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No, if you are going to strip the film off, that's just illogical. Wait for an SBE II in matte.


You are going to pay an extra $100-$150 for the camo and then pay $??? (I'm guessing $200) to strip and reblue the gun :confused:


I did not like the Max 4 at first, but I got used to it real quick. I think the indoor flo lighting makes it look too yellow, but in natural light, it looks fine to me.


mudhen - CA

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There are LH SBEII's available in black.

I had to call around quite a bit when I bought mine last Fall, but I finally found one about three hours from home.

Gander Mountain..


1. DO NOT pay a deposit and order one without an agreed upon delivery date.


2. Have you checked the major gun auction and sales sites?







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