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SBE II or M2 Field?


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I am in the market to buy a new semi-automatic shotgun and I have narrowed my choices down to the Super Black Eagle II or the M2 Field. Which ever gun I end up with I will mainly be using it for deer and turkey hunting. I plan on buying a rifled slug barrel for deer hunting. I am new to turkey hunting and will be going out this fall for the first time. I have been hunting deer for the past 16 years. I will probably stick with shooting 2.75" slugs for deer hunting. In addition to deer and turkey hunting I will also (on occasion) use this gun for hunting dove, rabbit, squirrels, etc. I hear a lot of people say that they have a hard time cycling lighter loads in 3.5" chambered guns (in this case that would be the SBE II). Is this true for a lot of you who own this particular gun? I will probably use 3" loads for turkey hunting because I hear that they pattern better than the 3.5" loads. I don't do any waterfowl hunting and probably never will. The only reason that I am considering the SBE II is that I would have the option to shoot the 3.5"'s if I ever needed to. I don't want to buy the SBE II and it not shoot the lighter loads. What do you guys think of the M2 Field for the species I have listed? I have the choice of either gun. Which should I get?

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You will have no problems with hunting loads as long as they meet or exceed the specified minimum of 3 drams - 1-1/8 ounce in either gun.

The spec. is the same for all Benelli 12 ga. guns, with no distinction made for 3.5".


If you want to shoot anything lighter than that you should probably consider a gas gun.


As for the differences between the SBEII and M2, other than the 3" vs 3.5", there are several.


The SBEII's design lends itself to much easier disassembly and cleaning. The barrel extension makes up the top half of the receiver, so when the barrel is removed the receiver opens up for easy access and cleaning.


The SBEII can be disassembled for general cleaning by hand in about a minute.


The gun will also have a higher resale value, due to its 3.5" chamber and general reputation.


If the money's not a factor, and you're going to stay within the manufacturer's specs on loads, the SBEII is the best choice.


Before these forums were redone and got goofy, you could search for SBEII vs M2 and find some good discussions, as it's all been done here before.


Now, you're lucky if you can find anything in the search. It rejects a search string if there are words shorter than four characters.


A truly brilliant move for a company whose flagship models are SBE, M1, M4 and the like :rolleyes:

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I will probably use 3" loads for turkey hunting because I hear that they pattern better than the 3.5" loads.


"I hear" is a great way to select a firearm :rolleyes:


All of my 3.5" turkey guns thrown denser patterns with 3.5" loads than 3" loads if the 3.5" is carrying more shot.


You just have to find the right combination of choke and shell for your gun.


I think the SBE II is a much better gun than the M2. Tucker has covered the 'why' issues already.

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