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10 Round Magazine for R1 .300 Win. Mag.!


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I recently purchased a R1 in .300 Win. Mag. Excellent rifle, but it could be dramatically improved if a 10 round magazine was added in .300 Win. Mag. (like the one available for .30-06). This time of year, I like to go hog hunting in Texas. A 10 round magazine would be much preferred for hog hunting. This is especially important as a safety feature since a large wounded hog/wild boar is likely to charge after you and a few extra rounds could save you from a vicious mauling. I wanted to use my R1 for hog hunting, but until I can get a higher capacity magazine for it, I'm going to have to stick with my SOCOM 16.


Can anyone PLEASE tell me, does Benelli have any plans for a higher capacity magazine for the R1 in .300 Win. Mag.???

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--------------.300 ----------30-06

OAL --------3.34" -------- 3.34"

Case ------ 2.62" -------- 2.49"

Rim Dia--- .532" -------- .473"

Shoulder - .489 ---------- .441"


I think the 30-06 magazine is going to be too narrow, but maybe not.

it would be great if you could lay your hands on one to try before you buy. If you could take your magazine to a shop and compare it to the 30-06 visually, you'd get a much better idea of your chances.

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