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Sorry it's been a while since I used other than a Turkey choke in my Nova. For Dove with 2 3/4" #7 steel shot should I be using the Modified choke? Also with Trap is this the same choke to be using?


What you do need to consider is the terrain that you're going to be hunting in. You could use an improved cylinder for shorter shots or modified for longer range, but I think that full would be daunting, at best, considering the speed of the birds. For most field work, I'd use improved.

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I use a cylinder bore for most of my dove shooting, but most

of my shots are taken from less than 30 yards.


I shoot a M2 field 20 gauge for upland birds, 1 oz of magnum

8's @ 1200 Fps out of a 24 inch barrel and a cylinder bore choketube makes short range dove shooting pretty routine.


I was lucky enough to go 12 for 16 on Tuesday, this is pretty

good for me.

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