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Cleaning SBE II Camo Barrel - Breakfree Power Blast?


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After sending a few boxes of rounds thru the barrel of my SBE II - I clean out the barrel by running a Snake Bore thru it a few times. When I got home I gave it a good cleaning with the rod and brushes and solvent - Breakfree Power Blast and then lubricant - Breakfree CLP.


Question, With the Camo-Cover on my SBE II - do I need to worry if I send some Breakfree Power Blast down the barrell - if it gets on the camo coating - will it harm the finish?


What do you fellas use to clean the carbon and plastic residue from your barrels after use?



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I never find any need to use a solvent to clean my barrel. I just use a Stainless steel Hoppes Tornado brush. Use it dry, no solvent, and it will remove all plastic, lead and carbon fouling without harming the chrome lining. Afterwards, I just use a bore mop to wipe out the dust. And yes, that stuff can hurt your camo. If you want to clean the outside, I'd just use mild soap and water. BTW, bug sprays aren't too good for camo finishes either.

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