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  1. I LOVE SBE II's! They shoot great and I get free beer from them! I have one and my buddy - from seeing how well mine performed - got one. We both hunt the same with them waterfowl: ducks & geese - 3" shells for the most part. At the end of heavy usage (snow geese or sporting clays) we break em' down and clean 'em. I get a 6-pack of Miller High Life everytime he attempts to clean his SBE II because HE CAN NEVER GET HIS BACK TOGETHER! And so he gives me a 6 pack of beer to put it back together for him.
  2. Ya, I'd say unbelievable too. My Super Nova sat in a wet Boyt canvas gun case for 8 hours in a heated pit with an outside temp of 10 degrees - got home - pulled her out - said "Crap! I need to get a waterproof gun case". Dried her off and wiped her down. Residue but no sign of rust in or on the blued barrel. Ya, I'd say unbelievable ... Interesting first post.
  3. Pick one - one that you like and can afford and stick with it - it'll make you a better shot. I shoot KentSteel - I tried and like Black Cloud - but I shoot kent steel. I use the same gun for ducks an geese (SBE II) and the same speed (1500 fps) shot - I know how much to lead the birds depending on the shot the give me - their speed - and their distance. Stay as consistent as you can and go get 'em!. Good luck
  4. Am I missing something here? A left handed stock? Or a left handed ComforTech Gel Pad? I look at my SBE II and I swear that the stock is symetrical....
  5. Break in period? Then I guess for my break in period I took a box of 3" Federal Black Cloud BB's - brought up my SBE II as some early season Canadas flew by and squeezed... The gun did great but two geese didn't.... Improvise - Adapt & Kill Ducks! Welcome to the forum!
  6. THANKS FOR THE LINK! I've printed out two copies - one for my gun bag and one for my cleaning kit.
  7. 3.5" Federal Black Cloud Double-B's did the job this past weekend on early goose!
  8. If the left one don't get ya - the right one will! Good luck!
  9. wallhanger53, Thanks for the response! I think i'll stick with the brass brush only afterwards too. Ya, I heard that the DEET in bug spray will chew up alot of stuff Thanks again!
  10. Greetings, After sending a few boxes of rounds thru the barrel of my SBE II - I clean out the barrel by running a Snake Bore thru it a few times. When I got home I gave it a good cleaning with the rod and brushes and solvent - Breakfree Power Blast and then lubricant - Breakfree CLP. Question, With the Camo-Cover on my SBE II - do I need to worry if I send some Breakfree Power Blast down the barrell - if it gets on the camo coating - will it harm the finish? What do you fellas use to clean the carbon and plastic residue from your barrels after use? Thanks!
  11. Greetings, I am looking to increase the standard length of pull on my SBE II with ComforTech and GelPad (14 3/8"). I did a search on this forum and I found a thread from 2005 that said Benelli was in development stages to come up with a way to increase it. It's now 2007 - have they come up with a way yet? I'd like to stay factory if possible. I tried the LimbSaver cover but I don't like the feel - I like the feel of the Benelli GelPad. I am looking to increase l.o.p. to 15" - 15 1/8". Is All Sport Tech still the way to go? Any body else out there? Thanks!
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