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I just bought a used 12 gauge Benelli which I believe is a Montefeltro, though someone told me is was a Super-90. I don't know how to tell the difference. Is there an easy way to tell them apart? And, the gun has a 26" barrel. Can you buy 28" barrels for the Montefeltro?


Thank you,


Doug Gordon

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Think I'll make a comment to your post ifishbaja. Their are many people on this site much smarter about Benelli's than me. My first reaction when reading your post was "are you serious?". This is why I thought that way. My 20 guage Montefeltro is clearly marked "Montefeltro Super 90" on the receiver. My 12 guage is marked "Super 90 M1" on the receiver. Both shotguns are Super 90's but thier are many differences between a Montefeltro model and an M1 model. Two totally different birds using the same shooting system. So, what does your receiver say?

Is it an M1 model or an Montefeltro model? Does your receiver say anything? Is it a Super Black Eagle (SBE) model? Perhaps a M1 field, Legacy, Sport Executive or Special Purpose Super 90. In short, explain in this forum exactly what the writing says on your Benelli and I'm sure that one of the much smarter regulars, will come up with the correct answer. Have you gone to the Benelli home page and tried to find out if 28" barrels are available for the model you have? That is, once you have figured out the model. This is a great site, but you really have to give the "experts" more information.


And yes, your sarcasism was met with my sarcarism. Now, give this board more information and lets start enjoying our Benelli's.



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