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SBE II slugs with bird barrel


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After doing a bunch of research and almost buying a rifeled barrel - I decided to test some slugs from the 26 " bird barrel today and I can say I am completely impressed. I called Benelli and they said to use the Cyl or Imp Cyl but I still wouldnt be accurate past 30 yards. BULLCRAP. At first I admit I wasnt happy - I used the Cyl choke. 25 yards it shoots high about 10" but side to side its perfect. Though it shot high I was grouping 3 inch groups. I took it to 50 yards and it all fell apart, I was barely on the the paper (way left). I tried Federal, Winchester and Brenneke...all the same.


SO, I tried Imp Cyl and WHAT A DIFFERENCE. It still shoots high but still grouping 3 inch at 25 yards. Now I took it to 50 yards and I shoot exactly where I shot at 25 yards. Now I am happy. I took it to 75yards and the group came down about 5 inches and now grouping within 5 inches. Really happy.


Next I am going to buy the TRUGLO shotgun sights that attach to the rib to really dial it in instaed of just using the bead sights. CAnt wait for that but using the stock bird barrel and stock sights, I definately wouldnt hesitate at shooting a deer.


I hope this helps anyone loooking to shoot slugs from thier bird barrel....it works with Imp Cyl and it's accurate. No need to buy a rifled barrel, it's just a great "do it all" gun if you ask me.

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many people hunt deer with a smoothe bore barrel i have for years myself shooting foster type slugs. my neighbor did for 38 years and has 3 sweet mounts on his wall a 14 point and 2 12 pointers all with a remington 1100 field grade in smoothbore. i`m a meat hunter myself no trophy bucks on my walls. good luck this season and happy hunting. we both used brenneke slugs you should try them if you haven`t yet.

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