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SBEII Upgrades: Spring Kit & Cycling System


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On page 117 of Cabella's Waterfowling 2007 catalog there are two upgrades with Benelli and Benelli SBEII listed.

Question: are these worth it, why, why not?



1) SRM Magazine Spring Kit: "High Performance, Corrosion Free spring and shell limiter"

www . surecycle . com

(see product BNL-MAG)


2) SRM Performance Stainless Steel Cycling System: "increase the cycle rate of your inertia gun by 25%

www . surecycle . com

(see product BNL-04)


Thanks for the advice!!

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if i was not having issues with benelli parts i would use that 200.00 for some Winchester extended Range/Hevi-shot and just clean your gun when it needs it per manual. If you were having issues with cycling and corrosion might be worth the price but in NM we have no corrosion no water to fall into much less rain! i say show me "proof" for 140.00 that it gives ya a 25% increase as if it's needed to start with? i do not use either and will not unless my SBEII starts to have issues!

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Ok, let's just focus on this:

2) SRM Performance Stainless Steel Cycling System: "increase the cycle rate of your inertia gun by 25%"

www . surecycle . com

(see product BNL-04)

btw, it's $25 cheaper at Cabella's than at SRM. Go figure.


Has anyone tried SRM's SS cycling system? Does it increase the cycle rate of an SBEII?


I see folks chatting about their favorite brand of after market Chokes all the time.

If you talk about non-Benelli chokes, people will write paragraphs about their patterning experiences and hunting successes, but bring up an internal Benelli part (that may or may not be honed to a finer degree than the fine folks at Benelli are capable of (or willing to at this price), and I see "if it ain't broke/corroded, don't mess with it".


This SRM cycling system seems like a performance enhancing tool, just like your favorite brand of Choke.

So the question is: Whadya think of SRM SS cycling system bars? Do they improve performance of the SBEII?


I ask because I pride myself on pointing at a bird clearly, squeezing, then moving to the next bird, instead of machine gunning the sky like some of my friends. I'm wondering "if this cycling system can help my gun finish its cycling business, it may allow me to steady the gun for the next shot quicker and more accurately". Just looking to have more accurate shots by helping my gun shoot and settle quickly.


Does anyone have experience with this after market component?


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