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My Baby Came Back!!


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November - On my second day of hunting, her stock cracked like thin ice under a heavy Canuck.

I was not a happy camper.


Called CS and they promised to send me out a replacement ASAP.

Received the replacement and it looked like mahogany compared to my blonde walnut forearm.


Called CS again and we agreed that I'd finish out the season and then send in the whole rifle. Benelli's talented gunsmiths would match a new stock up to my forearm, do a few other requested tweaks, and send her back.

She left me in early January.....


A couple of weeks ago, I got her back.

It was like Christmas morning!!

/and I got a pair of socks :(


The new stock was close in color, but was much more glossy than the forearm.


Called CS again and spoke with an angel named Paula. Paula apologized on behalf of the whitecane gunsmith who had attempted the first matchup, and she promised it would be done right this time.


I sent directly to Paula my stock and forearm.

She called a few days later and left a message stating that she had received the shipment and that she, and others in the department, agreed that the mismatch was unacceptable.


Today, I got the two parts back.

It's as if they were born of the same tree :D


A heartfelt THANKS to Paula and to everyone in CS who has worked hard to insure my satisfaction.





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Originally posted by lee shifflett:

So how does it shoot. It looks like a million bucks.


You making an offer? :D


She shoots very well. At least she did before she had to go away for a while.

I'm hoping for decent weather this weekend.


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