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Proven SBEII Buckshot and Choke


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Does anyone have a proven/tested SBEII Buckshot and Choke tube they can recommend?


I've been researching for even a starting point on a choke tube and shell choice and not coming up with any kind of consistency.


The only consistent "review" I've seen is that the Patternmasters aren't very good for buckshot out of the SBEII.


Basically, I'm looking for the choke make/model/restriction and buckshot type/make/length/size you've shot out of your SBEIIs and respective patterns at 40 yards in a 20" circle.


Anyone? :)

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I'm confused, what's not going to happen?


Looking back on my notes with my Remington 11-87, I was using the PatternMaster choke and 3" Federal Power-Shok 00 buckshot, putting 100% of the 00 buckshot (15 pellets) in a 9"x13" section at 40 yards, and consistently putting 100% in 20" at 40 yards without a problem.


Are you saying there isn't a single choke and buckshot combo that can attain 100% in a 20" circle at 40 yards the majority of the time with the SBEII? :confused:


I'm not asking for a guarantee, merely a subset of proven chokes out of the SBEII that have patterned *some* manufacturer's buckshot well.


There are dozens out there, it would be much more cost effective if I could narrow down on maybe 3-5 to try out with respective loads to see what shoots best.

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Now I am confused. If 100% are in a 9x13", it goes w/o saying they are in a 20" circle. My hope is you did not sell the Remington, you will be hard pressed to get another shotgun to shoot like you stated. My first post means no two barrels, two different lots of ammo or two matching chokes perform the same.

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Ah, of course no two guns are the same, but some guns prefer certain chokes, certain restrictions, with certain loads from certain manufacturer's.


Just as I provided an example with my 11-87, I'd imagine someone on here has an SBEII and getting good patterns with some choke and some buckshot.


As an FYI, the PatternMaster and load were recommended by a local gunsmith for my 11-87...he said either the Federal Premium 3" copper plated or non-copper plated would shoot best. I tried several different brands and other chokes, and he was spot on with his suggestions.


What I've read thus far is PatternMaster is no good for the SBEII...so there has to be some chokes that have had positive results for some (i.e. 100% in a 20" circle at 40 yards). I can't believe not a single owner of an SBEII has ever had one that shoots that well?


BTW, I still have my 11-87, actually have it for sale, as it doesn't really fit me well. Can't get a good LOS with it, and now that I have an SBEII, I don't shoot it much.


Also have an 870 Express that shoots great buckshot patterns with Remington 3" 000 buckshot and the stock Remington full choke. I've taken deer out to 55 yards with that gun and that combo.


Again, there has to be some subset of chokes and ammo that have consistently proven to shoot well out of the SBEII. Just looking for that subset to start trying, and which chokes/loads to avoid.

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Well I have been patterning buckshot all summer in my Benelli SBE 2 and the patternmaster is the choke that I kept...Don,t worry too much about the post you were reading.

Buy a choke and shoot it for your self...Wad wizard is another Choke choice.

Patternmaster will give a 30 day no questions asked money back warranty. I just ordered several models and shot them last weekend and sent back the ones I did not want to keep.

I will not go in to everything that I have tried and how much money I have spent since I got the shotgun last summer.But I can talk with the best of them on opinions. I know I am patterning only one gun but I know the capabilities of this gun..


I have owned many Benelli Ones,,,,And only one series Two. But as a general rule the the Improved Modified factory choke should be fine with the yardage that you are trying.

I pattern my guns at 50 yards......and am looking at the targets now as I type this. My targets are flat cardboard and are 19 inches wide and 21 inches tall. I put a 3 inch birchwood casey stickon decal in the center.

I have shot two shots in each target circleing the first shots holes to know the difference. all 15 targets at 50 yards with the patternmaster and 3 1/2 inch double 00 remington lead,,,,,Have an average 13 pellets on board and average six pellets within eight inches either side of decal..

At 30 yards it averages 16 pellets on board and all but three are very close to center.

For Buckshot only. the Pattermaster or the Wad Wizard are going to be your best bets. Used to be in bussiness together I am told and went their seperate ways,,, The reason your guys says Federal is because they use a gas sealed shotcup in all of their 12 gauge buckshot as well as Remington in there 3 1/2 inch double (only). These two choke companys use the studs that catch the cup gas seal and slow it down.

No other shells will do worth a darn without the shot cup and gas seal wad...Winchester does not use one at all in their buckshot not even the Supremes....What worked best for me even the High Dollar Turkey chokes with all kinds of buckshot?

Patternmaster 1 inch extended,,,Ported.....Remington 3 1/2 00 buck..

And as a backup three inch federal Classic 00 lead loads..


Looking back over what I have typed it may be viewed as cocky and I wrote it only to help a fellow shooter out only..

The best of luck to you on what ever road you choose to go down.

Good Shooting,,,,,,,Gregor187

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Gregor, good tips.


I've been away hunting in North Dakota and just got back recently. I finally got out to pattern some with my SBE2 and shot a variety of shells out of the Full, IM, and M stock chokes, as well as the Rhino turkey choke I had purchased.


I did call Rhino for their recommendation and they said the choke I had was fine for buckshot (and T shot). I did bring up the fact that it was a super full choke essentially, and they said it is fine for any buckshot or T shot, but absolutely NO steel shot. They said they could sell me another choke, but it would be the same one...the one I have is the one they recommend for buckshot and T shot.


The Rhino did pattern the best, but none of the patterns blew me away.


I picked up a few more rounds in 3.5" as I shot a lot of 3.0" the other day just to see how it would shoot.


I'll probably give the patternmaster a try as well with the loads you've concluded to shoot well with it and see how it goes. Definitely take advantage of that 30 day return if I don't like the results.


If you or anyone has any additional feedback, please let me know.


Thanks all!

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Yeah, I use the Rhino with Nitro 4x5x7 and that patterned absolutely awesome.


I called Patternmaster the other day, and talked to one of their guys there and he had mentioned the SBE2 is a vary narrow (small) bore diameter compared to other make/model guns. I asked him about the choke constriction, and he said he'd recommend the Long Range Ported Patternmaster choke for buckshot and 3" or even 2-3/4" shells due to the narrow nature of the barrel/muzzle...the less pellets the less chance of interference/collision. He also mentioned the Patternmaster was equivalent to about an Improved Cylinder stock Benelli choke.


I was going to hit the range today but rain/sleet put a damper on that plan. Next time out I'll try the IC and see how it patterns out, if I see a marked improvement (but not good satisfactory), I'll give the PM a try. PM guy also recommended the Federal shells for the same reason you did, with the PM choke designed to "grab" the wad, etc.


I'll keep you posted on the results when I eventually hit the range.


You shoot any #T out of your SBE2?

I'm going to try the Hevi-shot Dead Coyote loads in 3" and 3.5" with the Carlson DC choke and various other chokes. We'll see what happens there too...eventually :)

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I just used a Patternmaster extended(for 3 1/2"shells) and it put 10 to 14 pellets in a 10" circle(50 yrds), the rest being close. I was impressed. The gun is a SBE II. We also had a extended tube for a Browning Gold 3 1/2" which we used on 3 different guns. It worked great on one and fair on second gun, third gun shot bad. Only ammo it liked was Federal 00(3 1/2"). Did not try any shorter rounds.


As I understand Patternmaster they do not choke the bore, they change pattern by how long the tube is past the bumps.

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What choke did you find best? The Long Range or the Extended?


Just a little update...


I just shot the ported Extended per the recommendation of Patternmaster with 3" copper plated Federal 00 and 000, 3.5" copper plated Federal 00, 3" non-copper plated Federal 00, and 3.5" Remington 00.


All tests done at 40 yards.


None shot very well at all IMO. I would say no better than the stock IM or even Full choke.


I called PM and they said to send the choke back and they'd take a look. Mike recommended trying the Long Range to see if it improves. He also said to try a different lot of ammo...as he's seen a big difference between lots...which is kind of concerning.


My best pattern is still with the Rhino .660 2" extended and Remington 3.5" 00. Probably getting 90% in a 15x12" rectangle at 40 yards. Not mind blowing, but decent.

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I found the LONG RANGE one inch ported to be the best

The extended is a two inch extended which keeps the front of the shot cup on a 3 1/2 inch shell from exiting the muzzle before the studs can catch the gas seal.

(So you could buy a Long Range Extended as an exsample) For 3 1/2 inch shells.

I tryed both and the longer extended choke did no better then the one inch and I did not like the two inch extra hanging out there.


We found the Remington 3 1/2 OO to be the deal. for me and a buddy. And I took three running at 50 yards with impressive results. We are in a high deer population area and took about 15 legal deer between us this past season. The guys in the club started calling them GO GITTER SHELLS. Shoot once and go get um.


I have also found turkey chokes do pretty good as well and you are not restricted to the shot cup only. I have been playing with other brand name guns for some of my hunting buddys who have no interest in how we get to point A or B. So they give me the money and I pattern for them. Some of those guns are overbored and I found The .685 and .670 turkey chokes out patterned the patternmaster with those guns. And we bought Patternmasters first.

I know this is long but look at the link to the Nitro company I have here. They also do a lot of research on patterns for all guns and have some recomendations on buckshot chokes. Would be glad to talk with you further on the phone if you need more details. I can talk much better than type. A lot of folks may not like this but I am going to say it anyway. Alot of Benelli,s are finicky on what they like. And you really have to be patient and willing to spend the money and put the time in on them. But sooner or later you will hit on what you like.



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In a Nova, I have tried a Carlson's Dead Coyote, which I think is 0.665, with all sorts of buckshot loads. I tried reduced recoil 2.75 all the way to 3.5 magnum. #00, #1, #4 shot sizes. I was not able to see anything consistent even at short range. The smaller shot sizes seemed to pattern better.

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AviD,,On the newest gun I got a Primos Jellyhead .660 Turkey choke. This is a new SBE II. this thing is like a rifle with everything I have tried. Factory full OK with Remington 3 1/2 only. But the Primos is the deal with all brands of 3 1/2 Double oughts tried.

I am going to try and trade out the man I am patterning this gun for. His gun for my SBE II. He has some age on him and I do not think his reflexes are quick enough for running game with this setup. This is a 70 yard gun with this choke. I will start with these chokes from now on. Let me if you get one and how it does. Gregor187

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Ive never patterned my shotgun (SBII 24") but I did shoot a deer at 60-70 yards with a standard full crio choke and 3.5" federal vital shok 00 buck.

That is not hard to do since I have patterned my factory choke at 60 yards with 000b 3.5 with 75% in a 3ft circle. I would like to see thr impact points on the deer

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