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Recoil Reducers


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I was looking through my Novas manual and noticed theres a recoil reducer that screws into the butstock. Anybody run these guys? How much do they reduce felt recoil? I like to shoot allot so im kinda thinking about it but would like to hear other peoples input. Thanks.

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Praetorian, I did a review of the reducer about a month ago. If you click on my screen name and then view all my posts you should find it. Basically, it's worth the cash if you are firing a lot of 3 and 3.5" magnum loads. If you're only shooting standard 2 3/4" loads it's probably not worth it. I also found the limbsaver recoil pad a big improvement over the basic rubber pad, but again only if you're shooting the magnums. Beware though, the limbsaver pad is a pig to put on and take off. Hope this helps!

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I've posted several times about my experiences with the recoil reducer, and you can do a search for those comments. Basically I agree with LabradorGuy that they do almost nothing when you are shooting 2-3/4" loads. I haven't tried 3" and 3.5 inch ammo, so I cannot comment. It does add about one-pound to the weight of the gun, so you probably get some slight reduction from that alone. Of course, the added weight also changes the balance of the gun. For me, the recoil reducer was a waste of money.

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