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For Sale. Brand New M2 12 Ga. Feild With Beautiful Apg Scheme


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- 12 ga. M2 Feild with the hard to get APG Scheme, new on market, but guaranteed to dazzle all onlookers and disappear in the woods


- Oh, by the way, it is a M2 field with slug barrell. I have some emails from customer service that tells me that the bird barrells will be manufactured some day....


- But, hey,this gun kicks ass....and is a real slugger. This gun is born a slug gun, and will only be that. Raw beast of a slug gun. You don't need a fowl barrell. Go buy another gun for that. It is fun buying guns. Here is another one to buy.


- Let me know if you are interested, i can send you the customer service email and explanation along with the parts company that you can call when additional barrells can actually be ordered, because if you call now they say it is not availabe...at least today..but someday..it will be....so when that day comes....hey baby...you are a slug hero...a sluggomeister....go slug away my slugging friend...come and get it.

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i have a better deal yet...why don't I just give you the brand new gun and i'll even throw in a replacement benelli blowup doll since I'm sure you two have completely worn out a few already...and ...i'll move on...and wake up next to the real thing.....deal?


come on...i know you two are licking your chops at the thought of it...yah....those bald foreheads of yours are starting to sweat at the thought of it....mmmmmmm......tasty huh.....yah...she is fully full of air....a nice tight body....she doesn't talk back to you....she stares into your eyes....no substance...all appearance...yah ....yah....there you go....come one...deal?

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Brownells will have barrels in Feburary and 45 days to wait for a barrel is not a long wait. Yes they should have them allready but they are not even advertised in 07 Catalog so i would take it they might be in the 2008 "catalog". Brownells called me this AM, Breanna at ext #5392 said they were 625.00 and the slug barrels were 715.00. So you wanta sell model# 11142?

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