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Liberty or death Jr.

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Got my white tail this evening. Nice evening tree stand hunt. There were many deer, one that was slightly smaller, but he had 5x5, just not as tall as this one.


I was gonna shoot the one before him, but he was running, never stopped until he got to cover.


Then, I watched two very small bucks fighting, and right before dark, this big boy came in and broke them up. Then I broke him up. He came running by, about 20 yards from our stand, I had the scope on 9 power and had a hard time getting him in the scope. I was able to drop it to 5 power, put it on his chest and pulled the trigger.


He lurched, and ran about 30 yards and collapsed. I had put my round right through his heart. 4 out of the 6 deer I have shot have been heart shots, I'm pretty proud of that. Only one of the 6 have required more then 1 shot.


Anyway, heres the deer.





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Heres the Muley from last year, I don't know the score's from either set of antlers.






I will say, I am a very blessed guy. For the last 4 years we've had access to 12,000 acres, 650 of which are off limits to anyone but us. Thats how we got these trophys, I'll post up some of my brothers deer, and my pronghorn.


Unfortunately, this is the last year we can hunt it, we moved and now we don't rent the house on it, I'm royally bumbed about that.

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Well, I can sure tell where all the looks in that family went to :p.

She's a real sweetheart, and you... well, no sense in beating a dead horse... literally.

She does look a bit young though.

Tell her I'll wait for her :cool:.


Nice job with the .243!

I'd rather put 100 grains on the mark than put 200 grains somewhere close any day.


I'd rent that house just for the access to that paradise.


Now stop parading that pig around for the paparazzi and get to skinning!

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Just made up bunch of jerky from his hind quarters. My two brothers were living there for a few months, but they are moving out, they are concentrated on work and girls, lost interest in hunting. I'm the biggest hunter in the family.


I'd live there, but I'm to young, and with noone living there, it is the biggest poached piece of land in the Hardin area. Otherwise we would keep renting it. But because of all the poaching, we aren't going to.


I love my .243, me and my 3 brothers all got one for Christmas in 02 from my Uncle. I love that gun. Never heard of a 243 that shoots dead flat to 300 yards zeroed at 100, but mine does. But anything past that is unpredicable. Great deer caliber though.


Just an FYI Tuck, she's 14.

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