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Help me with my screw up


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So I screwed up and left my SBE II in my floating gun bag ater a hunting trip for 4 days. Between work and the new baby I plain forgot about it. I had a bunch of rust on the barrel. On other guns I would just go over the areas with steel wool and gun oil. I did this on my crio barrel and I got the rust off I also screwed up the finish very obviously. Can I use a cold blue such as Borwnell's Oxpho-Blue to get it back to looking like it did previously or do I need to send it back to Benelli to be reblued? If I have to send it back to Benelli does anyone have an idea how long or how much I might be looking at?

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It would probably take a VERY long time to get it back from Benelli.


Is it blued or is it the black oxide finish?

Is the metal pitted or was it surface rust?


If it's not too severe, I'd try to stabilize it with some cold blue or flat black paint until the seasons are over with.


Then, I'd send it to either Birdsong (arguably the best there is) or to one on these shops to have it refinished.





Properly applied, these finishes are just about bulletproof.


They'll clean up the spray paint that you may apply to make it last through the season.


Another option would be to have it dipped.

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I assume you have no pitting. What I've used in past to remove rust on guns I've bought is "Outer's Rust Remover". It's readily available. Get yourself a copper or brass Brillo style pot cleaner, the coily looking things. Walmart will probably have them. It's softer than the gun steel so it won't scratch your finish. Gently rub the Outers over the rusted area to remove the rust. Wipe it off.

I have successfully used "Brownell's Dicropan T-4 Touch-Up Liquid Gun Blue". Limit your application to the affected area. I don't use steel wool to rub it in, I just use a rag. It can take many applications in a single area but you'll be very hard pressed to find the damaged area when you're done if it isn't pitted. And yes I've used it on my Benelli for touching up minor scratches with excellent results. It works very well on many bluing finishes. Good Luck!



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