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SBE Bending shells


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Folks have a SBE with 2 shot extension tube. And during season I am leaving the Magazine tube loaded with 3 1/2 shells a total of 4. The only time I empty the gun is for cleaning. Then I am pressing the bottom button and pulling the charging handle to chamber and then pulling it back to eject loaded round.

I have noticed some rounds are very slow to chamber, And after looking at a shell I see it has got a fold line just above the metal base. And rolling them on the table they are visably warped.

Questions 1/ Is this the mag spring too strong and is bending over time and should I only keep 3 in

the tube instead of 4. Or 2/ Am I doing this by repeatedly pressing the button and letting the shells be forced onto the carrier?

If anyone has run into this before would like your thoughts. Shells are 3 /2 Remington.

Thanks for looking

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As for keeping it loaded all the time, That anwsers itself. I put a shell into the gun and hit the button about 10 times with no visable change the problem has to be the magazine spring is too much. Will take one out at night and after hunt and see. Thanks for everyones input and god bless and good shooting to all.

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Surprised remingtons even cycle in a benelli not to mention their quality but myself would not use anything remington produced. Big remington factory just outside Little Rock my home was close by and just do not care for their ammo! Try some other rounds and see if they do it and i understand keeping it loaded but as long as no kids at home no problem or in a gun safe! had an older Remington Monte Carlo 30.06 semi that would do nothing but hang up and a friend had a .243 that he bought recently that would do noting but hang up. My 300WSM Browning Stalker will rip the mag empty really quick since i got it replaced and thumps really nice!!

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