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Impressed with Super Nova performance

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I'm not sure why I would expect anything less but I carried my Super Nova for a few hours yesterday pheasant hunting and it was amazing. I was maybe most impressed at my luck flushing 5 roosters (only 2 in range) without a dog. The first one I was so shocked that I just flat out missed, the other I dropped with one shot. My Benelli was extremely easy to carry and very smooth handling. I've always been a Remington man and an 870 Wingmaster is tough to beat, but the Super Nova is a great contender.


Happy Hunting,



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I completely agree. Not that you're a pinko, that Benelli's look sweet. And I still use my Wingmaster when I can but since it has a fixed choke (full) and MN public lands are requiring non-toxic shot I decided it would be a good reason to buy a Benelli!

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yeah your right mate. l think its beter than any other gun that other companys make. its just a very powerfull lookin gun. when hunting with my nova feel like lm goin to war not bird shooting:) and yet again no other gun can match is aim. and its so fast that l dont eaven search for a semi auto while huntig. GREAT GUN. enjoy ya time out there. and just show it to the 870 owners thay will be jealus. its 1000 times beter than the 870. the bloody 870 is so ugly it looks 500 years old. eaven my grandpas gun looks better than the 870:)

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