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Color-Coded Chokes


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There are a large number of choke thread types, including those on guns that come from the factory, and those that are designed by aftermarket companies, such as Briley, Trulock, etc.


Briley is probably the biggest name in choke tubes, and they are probably the brand you have seen with color coding, specifically their "Spectrum" brand.


The reason color coding hasn't caught on is that it's kind of specific to Briley (though there may be others who color code.)


Plus, there are so many types of choke threads.


Remington RemChoke, Browning Invector, Browning Invector Plus, Briley Spectrum, Trulock Tru-Choke, Benelli, Beretta, Mossberg, and even some of the brands use different choke tubes in different guns. All have their own specific thread type, and are not interchengeable.


I believe it is just that there are so many different choke tubes to choose from, the Briley's of the world decided they'd just color code theirs.


Plus, color coding might be nice, but when it all boils down, cylinder, skeet, improved cylinder, light mod, mod, improved mod, light full, full, and extra full is what you need to know.


And even then, its not so much what you call the choke tube, or what color you assign to it, what's important is how it throws patterns in your gun, with the shells you want to use. The only way to know that is to go through the rigors of patterning your gun.



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