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sent my eagle after the partridges

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went for a hunt in the high and rocky mountains over here,with toni and fire{my dogs} climbed up this huge mountain and as l reached the summit the dogs start pointig. the weter was coldish but nice the view stunning,l felt like l was in heaven.

get em fire l said. so the action started: one partridge came up and started flying to my left it was about 45 yards and l pold the triger and a good hit the bird went falling down this 500 foot cliff it was a great sight to see. as l hit that one l saw a nother 9 of them go sligetly to my right: so l let the super black eagle2 loose. 3 rapid shots one after a nother and killed 3.

l bought my super black eagle 2 for waterfowl but it does the mountain job just as well or eaven better than my antonio zoli partridge special custom gun.

so my point is that the black eagle 2 is a very good but perfect allrounder gun,l think any way

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